Monitoring, Logging and Programming Software

Data sheet


Main features

  • Overall plant monitoring
  • Storage of temperature, humidity, pressure, alarms
  • Display and printing in numerical and graphic form of stored data
  • Export of stored data for Excel* or other spread sheets
  • Diagnostics with dynamic graphs of all analog and digital inputs
  • Virtual instrument for analysing the system and setting regulator parameters
  • Direct sending of emails and SMS relating to the alarm state
  • Connection to remote PC for tele-servicing via Internet
  • Languages available: English, German, Italian, Polish.

Available options
Available as full optional as described above but also in a “low cost version” for data logging only. This version is called TAB LV

System Requirements

  • Computer with Windows 7/8/10 operating system installed and properly running, minimum processor and memory as required from Windows version – USB port – Mouse
  • 1024x768 pixel screen resolution
  • 10GB available on Hard Disk
  • RS232 serial port (COM) required if a GSM modem is fitted
  • USB to RS-485 converter mod. USB485-STIXL. Up to 200 controllers connectable. Every 62 controllers, you must add a repeater ATC-109N


Supervision of the refrigeration process in supermarkets, convenience stores, shops, petrol stations, large kitchens, food factories, cruise ships etc.

Technical data