# comprehensive design

This is how our products are conceived

ALGORITHMS / The brain
Deep knowledge of control algorithms for heating, refrigeration, defrost, blast chill/freeze, 
dough retard, heat pumps, energy saving...

ELECTRONICS / The interface
A wide range of display systems, from LED and LCD technologies to 4.3 -10” TFT’s, with 
mechanical pushbuttons, membrane switches or capacitive touch keypads.

HOUSING / The appearance
Design of plastic or metal housings for electronic boards. Appearance, waterproofness and    fixing methods based on Customer’s requests.


_Our R&D division is continuously engaged in the assessment of the latest generation of new technologies, especially with respect to the collection and processing of data. These connectivity features are now easily obtainable providing great functionality for the end-user and the manager. Machines that communicate and coordinate among them, by means of our controllers, form a much more efficient and easily controllable system, with enormous benefits in terms of safety, process stability and product quality.

Lae Electronic - Connectivity