Electrically isolated USB - RS485 converter

Data sheet

Main features

The USB485-STISO/STIXL is a 2 wire half duplex RS485 converter, that performs automatic receive / transmit switching, being default in receive mode, and when transmitting data, it automatically switches to transmit mode 1 bits time before the startbit, sending the data, and then falls back to receive mode 1 bbit time after the last stopbit have been transmitted.

Unlike most converters, the USB485- STISO/STIXL have a 2.5kV isolation barrier that ensures a high quality electrically separation between the PC and remote device, thus offering excellent protection of the PC if the remote device should fail.

Easy to install - easy to use.
Just connect it, install the drivers, and use it like any other comport in the PC.

RS485 specs

  • Powerful RS485, able to drive 256 nodes
  • ±15 kV ESD protection on RS-485 pins
  • No termination resistor
  • Fail safe

Technical data